Holiday in Cape Henlopen, Delaware Photography

This year we decided to get away for Thanksgiving weekend and take a mini holiday on the Delaware seashore. The weather was beautiful, even though it was snowing last week, we were able to walk the beach at Cape Henlopen on Sunday with no jackets! We collected shells for about two hours and then went to see the lighthouses. We spend a lot of time on the Delaware seashore, normally around Bethany and Indian River but had never visited Cape Henlopen before. Shenan LOVED it. She found a ton of cool shells to add to our collection and saw a lighthouse for the first time. I captured a few cool landscapes of the dunes at Henlopen and some of Shenan at Bethany Beach. Cape Henlopen has tons of trails to hike and bike so we definitely plan on taking another trip there to explore it some more. You have to pay about $8.00 to get into the park but it is huge and there's a nice campground there as well. You can hike out to some platforms where you can see birds, or even bring your own horses for a ride on the beach. We saw a group of people pull up with a trailer of horses and they rode past us on the beach. It was beautiful. We also found a couple cool pieces of sea-glass and then headed into the historic part of Lewes to search for a blown-glass witch-ball (I've been hunting for a unique one). I found a cool one in a little shop in the historic district. I'll have to post a picture of it once I hang it. Enjoy the photos, and remember, landscape prints are available! Contact me with print inquiries at