The Angel Park 5K Race

This weekend I was asked to donate a few hours of my time to photograph a Baltimore 5K race to raise money for Angel Park. I photographed the race down Honeygo Blvd in Perry Hall and the winners had their photos taken with Poe, the Baltimore Raven! The event drew a few hundred people and helped raise money to build a park and playground for the community. Angel Park is a place where kids with disabilities can play right alongside kids with no disabilities. You can read more about Angel Park HERE! Feel free to click on the images below to view a larger version that you can use for facebook. If you need help ordering prints, I work with a great lab and would be happy to help! Just email me! 
I mainly used my new 135mm f/2 lens which is great for portraits and getting that perfectly blurred background, however, I still had difficulty getting moving subjects in focus, even at a super-fast shutter speed. I mainly waited for the runners to stop moving when they crossed the finish line to get sharp photos with the blurred out background. Even though it was mid-day and really bright out, I just used a really fast shutter speed so that I could still use a wide aperture and get the right exposure. This was my first time photographing a race and I had a blast, especially following Poe