Sol's Bryn Mawr High School Senior Portraits

I was so happy this beautiful Bryn Mawr High School Senior came across my website and decided to hire me for her senior portraits! Sol is a senior at The Bryn Mawr School for Girls in Baltimore. She brought her mom along on her session and we got some cute shots of the two together at the end of the evening. We shot at my favorite location for senior portraits... the Baltimore County Historical Society Park and Museum in Cockeysville, Maryland. We did not have any sunlight that night because it was very overcast so I used two wide aperture lenses to maximize light and played off textures a lot for different backgrounds including stone walls and weathered barn wood. I mainly used my Canon 135mm f/2 lens. I am so happy with how these senior portraits turned out! Sol made it easy for me constantly changing facial expressions and poses. She was a pro at modeling ;) and had the most beautiful skin... I barely had to airbrush anything! Bryn Mawr requires a professional, straight forward, waist up shot for their yearbook with any sort of blurred out background. They do not do the V-neck or cap and gown photos. We used the barn wood background for a nice yearbook photo of Sol. I was eager to post these but there are more on the way so please check back soon! Thank you!

The yearbook shot!