Cadence's Infant Portrait Session

Of all the Baltimore infant portraits I have taken over the years,  baby Cadence had to be the most cooperative! She actually stayed asleep for the majority of the session, allowing us to change her outfits multiple times. Her parents, Loren and Kylah, just bought their first home together in Parkville, Maryland and have decorated Cadence's nursery room beautifully. I also took some family portraits for Loren's family about a year ago and you can see some of those here in my Family gallery!  I just love the black and white family portraits and the shot of baby Cadence asleep on her Doctor Suess books. She is so adorable. Kylah wanted to incorporate her baby foot charm from her bracelet in some of the pictures because it was a special gift from Loren. Thanks for hiring me (again) and I hope you enjoy your portraits.