It has been my dream to one day have several acres of land to grow my own food and be a little more self-sufficient…. but, right now I’m living the small life in my condominium, growing a container garden on my terrace and learning to make food and soap from scratch. This year I was able to grow a ton of yellow pear cherry tomatoes, red cherry tomatoes and sweet leaf basil. I plan to replace all of my heavy pots with grow bags next Spring to cut down on weight. In late August I began planting some fall crops on my terrace including Tom Thumb Peas from Baker Creek, carrotts and spinach. I am blessed to have several friends with local farms. I love to document their animals, (horses and chickens) and I love to photograph plants and flowers. I will also share some of my homesteading kitchen photography here, and recipes I have made from fresh, local food. Please check back for more photographs as I expand my terrace container garden.

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